Introduction to ruTorrent GUI


All of our seedbox use a very easy to use ruTorrent GUI for managing torrents on your seedbox. Its similar to uTorrent WebUI in looks but more powerful and simple to work with.

This is a simple tutorial for beginners to learn about the basics of ruTorrent GUI.


Top Menu Bar

ruTorrent Tp Menu Bar

The top Menu Bar has some quick action buttons which are used frequently.

Let's get familiar with them.

Add a Torrent in ruTorrent   Add a torrent
Create a Torrent in ruTorrent   Create a torrent
Remove or Delete a Torrent in ruTorrent   Remove or Delete a torrent
Start a torrent in ruTorrent   Start a torrent
Pause a torrent in ruTorrent   Pause a torrent
Stop a torrent in ruTorrent   Stop a torrent
RSS Feeds   RSS Feeds
ruTorrent Settings   General Settings for ruTorrent
about rutorrent version   Displays ruTorrent version information


Left Menu Bar

ruTorrent Left Menu Bar State: Sorts torrents by category

All: All torrents, running, stopped, seeding, finished.

Download: Torrents which are downloading (stopped, but incomplete torrents will show here).

Finished: Finished torrents, (seeding or complete).

Active: Torrents which are currently uploading or downloading data.

Inactive: Torrents which are not currently uploading or downloading data.

Error: Torrents which have received an error notification from the tracker.

Labels: Lets you sort by label.

Tracker: Lets you sort by Tracker

Search: Lets you sort by local Search Query.

Feeds: Lets you view rss items



ruTorrent Top Menu


The Tabs displayed at lower half of the screen resembles to uTorrent and shows some important information regarding the torrents. Some of these items are only available by plugin. There may be more or less tabs depending upon the number of plugins installed.

Some common tabs are:

General : This tab is exactly what it sounds like, general information for whatever torrent you have selected. You can also find remaining disk space here.

Files : This tab shows all files or parts for the current torrent selected, and download status of each. You can use this tab to set per-file download priority.

Trackers : This tab shows the tracker(s) for the current torrent selected.

Peers : This tab displays peer information for the current torrent

Speed : This tab shows a graph of upload and download speed over the last few minutes.

Plugins : This tab shows installed and active plugins.

Trafic : This tab shows per tracker, and overal Traffic statistics in a variety of time intervals.

Logger : This tab shows error messages, and other system events.



Status Bar

ruTorrent Status Bar

ruTorrent GUI displays a status bar at the bottom. It displays status of your HDD, CPU, Download and Upload Speeds and the version of rTorrent.

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